Ethiopia’s ‘colour revolution’

(The Hindu) -- 
Nizar Manek, 18 March 2018
Since Ethiopia suspended its Constitution on February 16, federal forces have arrested a swath of Oromo police officials, mayors, and high-profile administrators
Unrest in some parts of Ethiopia has been taking the form of a “colour revolution”, with a clear intent to seize power, Defence Minister Siraj Fegessa declared earlier this month as U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrived in Addis Ababa. A strike in Oromia, a hotbed of anti-government protests for over two years, was choking the capital. A state of emergency was declared in February after Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn resigned in the wake of continued protests.
Musa Ali, the chief elder responsible for an over 30,000 sq. km portion of north-eastern Oromia, told this reporter that federal forces arrested the deputy commander of the regional police heading a riot squad. The deputy head of the western Oromia’s Kelem Wolega zone’s administration and security office was also arrested, the zone’s vice administrator Nebiyu Nabsu said, after the dismissal of his boss, held out as instrumental in forging police-community relations.
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