Ethiopia Courts Foreigners for Sugar Plant as Army Sidelined

  • New premier pledges to purge security-forces ‘favoritism’
  • State-owned Sugar Corp. to hire new contractor for project

By Nizar Manek, 18 April 2018
(Bloomberg) --
Ethiopia’s government plans to hire foreign companies to help develop the country’s sugar industry, after canceling a military-industrial conglomerate’s contract on a key project.
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, in office since April 2, has signaled he plans to reduce “favoritism” toward the security forces when awarding contracts and ensure development projects are “more inclusive for the people.” The state-run Ethiopia Sugar Corp. is looking for a new contractor to develop Tana Beles II in Ethiopia’s Amhara region, which has been hit by protests over the past two years by residents who say they’re being excluded from economic power.
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