South Sudan's many rebellions

(The Hindu) -- 
Nizar Manek, 13 May 2017
Senior general Thomas Cirillo who quit the South Sudan army says President Salva Kirr turning the liberation army into a tribal militia dominated by his Dinka community
Lieutenant General Thomas Cirillo spent the last year mostly sitting in his office, drinking tea and reading newspapers. Officers would come to greet South Sudan’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics, appointed by President Salva Kiir to oversee military supplies. He’d leave at 2 p.m. He wasn’t involved even in paperworks. “They put us in the dark completely,” he said.
In February, Mr. Cirillo, the highest-ranking Equatorian in the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), resigned, accusing the force of orchestrating a “tribally engineered war”. He also slammed President Kiir for “planned violations” of the 2015 peace deal signed with his former deputy, Riek Machar, that stalled an already two-year-long civil war.
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