Rolls battles quality inspectors who claim it used junk parts

By Nizar Manek and John Collingridge | July 27 2014
(Sunday Times) --
A CLOUD has lingered over Rolls-Royce’s sprawling industrial complex in Indianapolis for the past six years. A collection of red brick and grey panel factories covering more than 3m square feet, the company’s biggest manufacturing site outside Britain is home to about 4,500 staff who make and repair small aircraft engines. Yet since early 2008, the site has been nursing a running sore. Then, a former quality inspector lodged a claim with the district court, alleging Rolls-Royce’s American aerospace arm hid defects in potentially thousands of aircraft engines. Thomas McArtor, who worked at the factory from 1994 to 2006, was joined on the claim in 2011 by another former quality control officer, Keith Ramsey.
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