Coalition time

Africa Confidential Vol 55 No 21 | 24 October 2014
Tunisia elects a new, 217-member Parliament on 26 October and all eyes are on the possible coalitions that will follow. A formal coalition between the front-runners, the Islamist Hizb Ennahda (Renaissance) and secularist Nidaa Tounus (Tunisian Call) is unlikely: opinion polls say they will take a third of the vote each. Of nearly 200 parties, one that could help tip the balance is FDTL Ettakatol (Forum démocratique pour le travail et les libertés), which is accused of flirting with Ennahda. An influential Ettakatol member of parliament, Lobna Jeribi, told Africa Confidential her party was loath to partner with Islamists but believes Tunisia needs a national coalition. 'We are unable to make deep reforms in the context of division.'
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